James Terry Game List: U,V,W
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Unconditional Surrender (Wargamer 36)3W198436
Unhappy King CharlesGMT2008
Up ScopeSPI1977
USAAF (World at War 4)Decision20084
USN (S&T 29)SPI197129
USN DeluxeDecision2004
Vector 3SPI1979
Veracruz (S&T 63)SPI197763
Vicksburg Campaign, TheSchutze2004
Victoria CrossWorthington Games2004
Victory at Midway (Command 14)XTR199214
Victory in NormandyXTR1992
Victory in Vietnam IISchutze1999
Victory Lost, AMMP2006
VietnamVictory Games1984
Vietnam Battles (S&T 196)Decision1999196
Vinegar Joe's War: CBI (S&T 227)Decision2005227
Vitoria 1813 (Vae Victis 12)Vae Victis199712
Vittoria/Friedland (S&T 151)Decision1992151
Von Hindenburg in PolandSPI1978
Von Manstein's Backhand BlowGMT2002
Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora (Ares 6)SPI19816
Wacht am RheinSPI1977
Wacht am Rhein (Reprint)Decision2004
Wahoo! The Battle of WashingtonXTR1991
War Between the StatesSPI1977
War Between the States (Reprint)Decision2004
War ElephantGMT1992
War GalleyGMT2006
War in EuropeSPI1976
War in Europe Module 1: The First World WarSPI1977
War in the Aegean (ATO 14)LPS200514
War in the IceSPI1978
War in the PacificDecision2006
War in the PacificSPI1978
War of 1812Columbia1985
War of 1812 (S&T 207)Decision2001207
War of the RingSPI1977
Warchess 2000 (Command 49)XTR199849
Warplan: DropshotSchutze2002
Warplan: Dropshot, The End GameSchutze2005
Warplan: Dropshot, The Turbulent 60'sSchutze2005
Warriors of GodMMP2008
Warsaw Rising (S&T 107)TSR1986107
Waterloo 20Victory Point Games2008
We the PeopleAH1994
Wellington vs Massena (Wargamer 43)3W198543
Wellington's VictorySPI1976
West Wall (Wargamer 35)3W198435
Westwall QuadrigameSPI1976
When Eagles Fight (Command 25)XTR199325
When Tigers Fight (Command 26)XTR199426
White Eagle Eastward (S&T 156)Decision1992156
Wilderness CampaignSPI1972
Wilderness WarGMT2001
Wilderness, Battle of the SPI1975
Wilson's CreekSPI1980
Wilson's Creek (S&T 80)SPI198080
Winceby (Game Fix 5)GPG19955
Winds of PlunderGMT2007
Winds of WarLPS2008
Winged Horse (S&T 239)Decision2006239
Wings of War Famous AcesNexus2004
Wings of War Watch Your BackNexus2005
Wings over Arras (Command & Strategy 5)UGG20065
Winter War (S&T 33)SPI197233
Wolf Pack (S&T 47)SPI197447
Wooden Ships & Iron MenAH1975
World at War, AGMT2003
World War 3SPI1975
World War I (S&T 51)SPI197551
World War II ETOSPI1973
Wreck of the B.S.M. PandoraSPI19802
WW2: Barbarossa to BerlinGMT2002

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