James Terry Game List: I,J
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I am Spartacus (Command 15)XTR199215
Ia Drang, Vietnam 1965 (Vae Victis 28)Vae Victis199828
Ignorant Armies (S&T 215)Decision2003215
Imperator (Vae Victis 42)Vae Victis200142
Imperial Sunset (ATO 17)LPS200617
In Their Quiet Fields IIThe Gamers1995
Inchon (Command 9)XTR19919
Indian Mutiny, The (S&T 121)3W1988121
Indochina War (S&T 209)Decision2001209
Indo-Pakistani Wars (S&T 174)Decision1995174
Into a Bear TrapLPS200410
Invasion (Panzerschrek #12)Minden200412
Invasion AmericaSPI1976
Invasion Taipei (S&T 202)Decision2000202
Iron BrigadeIndependent1982
Iron Cross (S&T 132)3W1990132
Ironclads, TheYaquinto1979
Island War QuadSPI1976
Italian Campaign: Anzio, The (S&T 155)Decision1992155
Italian Campaign: Med War, The (S&T 160)Decision1993160
Italian Campaign: Salerno, The (S&T 150)Decision1992150
Italian Campaign: Sicily, The (S&T 146)Decision1991146
Iwo Jima (S&T 92)TSR198392
Jacksonville, The Beaches of DoomJagdpanther1976
Jena 20Victory Point Games2008
John Carter: Warlord of MarsSPI1979
Jours de gloire Campagne: Le Danube (Vae Victis 41)Vae Victis200141
June '44DDH Games2008
Jutland (Command 8)XTR19918

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