James Terry Game List: P
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Pacific Theater of OperationsSPI/TSR1991
Pacific TyphoonGMT2008
Pacific WarVictory Games1985
Panzer '44SPI1975
Panzer Armee AfrikaSPI1973
Panzer Armee Afrika (S&T 40)SPI197340
Panzer Battles (S&T 73)SPI197973
Panzer Commander Afrika (Command & Strategy 2)UGG20052
Panzer Digest #2Minden2007
Panzergruppe Guderian (S&T 57)SPI197657
Paratroop (S&T 77)SPI197977
Paths of GloryGMT2004
Patton (S&T 112)3W1987112
Patton's 3rd Army (S&T 78)SPI198078
Paukenschlag (ATO 22)LPS200822
Pax RomanaGMY2006
Pea RidgeSPI1980
Pegasus (S&T 122)3W1988122
Peloponnesian WarVictory Games1991
Pentagon GamesIndependent1987
Perfidious Albion (Command 47)XTR199747
Peter the Great (Wargamer 27)3W198327
Pleasant Hill (S&T 106)TSR1986106
Plot to Assassinate Hitler (S&T 59)SPI197659
Pocket at Falaise, The (ATO 27)LPS200927
Poland '39XTR1992
Port Arthur (Command 19)XTR199219
Port Stanley (Wargamer 28)3W198428
Prairie Aflame!KPG2007
Proud Monster (Command 27)XTR199427
Prussia's Defiant StandWorthington Games2007
Prussia's GloryGMT2002
Punic Wars (S&T 53)SPI197553
Punic Wars, TheSPI1975

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