James Terry Game List: B
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B-29 SuperfortressKhyber Pass2008
Back to IraqXTR1993
Back to Iraq (Command 50)XTR199850
Back to Iraq (S&T 208)Decision2001208
Balkan Wars (S&T 164)Decision1993164
Balkans 1941 (S&T 182)Decision1996182
BAOR (S&T 88)SPI198188
Barbarian Kings (Ares 3)SPI19803
Barbarossa 1941 (Vae Victis 43)Vae Victis200243
Barbarossa: Army Group SouthGMT1996
Barbarossa: The Russo-German War, 1941-45 (WaW 1)Decision20081
Basic Role PlayingChaosium1981
Basketball StrategyAH?
Bastgone (S&T 20)SPI197020
Bataan, The Battle for the PhilippnesBalboa1973
Batailles pour le Canada (Vae Victis 44)Vae Victis200244
Baton Rouge (S&T 133)3W1990133
Battle CryAH2003
Battle Cry of FreedomDecision2002
Battle for China (S&T 259)Decision2009259
Battle for GermanyDecision1994
Battle for Germany (S&T 50)SPI197550
Battle for StalingradSPI1980
Battle for the Ardennes QuadSPI1978
Battle for the FalklandsGuild of Blades2002
Battle of Moscow (S&T 24)SPI197024
Battle of Nations, TheSPI1975
Battle of Shiloh, TheWest End1984
Battle of StalingradSPI1972
Battle of the Bulge (Command 41)XTR199741
Battle of the Bulge, TheAH1965
Battle over BritainTSR/SPI1983
Battle Stations! Battle Stations!Decision2006
Battlefleet MarsSPI1977
Battles of Borodino & Friedland, The (S&T 195)Decision1999195
Battles of Bull Run, TheSPI1973
Battles of the Ancient World (Vols 1-3)Decision1995
Battles with the GringosGMT2008
BAW: Marathon & Granicus (S&T 214)Decision2003214
Beirut (S&T 126)3W1989126
Belisarius (S&T 210)Decision2001210
Berlin '45XTR1992
Berlin '85 (S&T 79)SPI198079
Beyond Valor - ASL Module 1MMP2009
Big Push, TheLPS200511
Big Red One, TheSPI1979
Bitter EndCompass2005
Bitter VictoryBSO2005
Bitter Woods (and Expansion)L22003
Bittereinder (ATO 13)LPS200513
Black Gold (Texas Tea)XTR1990
Blitzkrieg 1940 (Vae Victis 63)Vae Victis200563
Blitzkrieg '40 Command 42)XTR199742
Blitzkrieg '41 (Command 1)XTR19891
Blitzkrieg Checked: Battle of GemblouxSchutze2002
Blood & Iron (Command 21)XTR199321
Blood on the Tigris (S&T 176)Decision1995176
Bloodbath at Kursk (Command 36)XTR199636
Bloody AprilSPI1979
Bloody Keren: Ethiopia 1941 (Wargamer 59)3W198659
Bloody RidgeSPI1976
Blue & GraySPI1975
Blue & Gray IISPI1975
Blue vs. GrayGMT2003
Bodyguard OverlordSpearhead1994
Bombs Away (GameFix 4)Game Publications Group19954
Bonaparte at MarengoSimmons Game2003
Brandy Station (Panzerschreck 14)Minden200514
Brandywine & GermantownClash of Arms2000
Bravery in the SandMMP2009
Breakout & PursuitSPI1972
Breakout: NormandyAH1993
Breakthrough at GemehaloPerry Moore2002
Breitenfeld (S&T 55)SPI197655
Britain Stands AloneGMT1994
Brotherhood, TheGDW1983
Brusilov Offensive, TheSPI1978
Budapest '45 (Command 31)XTR199431
Buena Vista, The Battle ofXTR1996
Buena Vista, The Battle of (Command 40)XTR199640
Bug Hunter SniperTSR1988
Bulge, TheDecision2008
Bunker Hill (Command 32)XTR199532
Burning Blue, TheGMT2006
Byzantium (S&T 183)Decision1996183

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