James Terry Game List: C
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C.S.A.Fiery Dragon2007
CA (S&T 38)SPI197338
Cactus Throne (ATO 15)LPS200515
Caesar Conquest of GaulGMT2005
Caesar in Gallia (S&T 165)Decision1993165
Caesar XLVictory Point Games2008
Caesar's Gallic WarWorthington Games2009
Campagnes de France, Les : 1792/1814 (Vae Victis 52)Vae Victis200352
Campaign for North Africa, TheSPI1978
Campaigns in the Valley, The (S&T 123)3W1988123
Campaigns of the Civil War3W1992
Canadian Civil WarSPI1977
Caporetto, 1917SPI1978
Carolina RebelsBSO2005
Carrier Strike (Wargamer 16)3W198116
Case BlueMMP2007
Case Green (S&T 152)Decision1992152
Cassino (S&T 71)SPI197871
Catherine the Great (S&T 232)Decision2005232
Caucasus Campaign, TheGMT2009
Cedar MountainSPI1981
Cedar Mountain (S&T 86)SPI198186
Central Command (S&T 98)TSR198498
Centurion (S&T 25)SPI197125
Chaco (Command 12)XTR199112
Chad (S&T 144)Decision1991144
ChainmailWorthington Games2009
Champion HillThe Gamers1886
Champs de Bataille I: Soissons 486/Poitiers 732 (Vae Victis 9)Vae Victis19969
Champs de Bataille III/Jeanne d'Arc (Vae Victis 30)Vae Victis200030
Champs de Bataille IV: Asie (Vae Victis 53)Vae Victis200353
Chancellorsville & Plevna (S&T 218)Decision2003218
Charlemagne (S&T 189)Decision1998189
Chattanooga, Battle of (Command 43)XTR199743
Chennault's First Fight (ATO 12)LPS200512
ChickamaugaWest End1986
Chicken of the Sea (GameFix 3)Game Publications Group19943
China Incident (Wargamer 37)3W198537
China War (S&T 76)SPI197976
China: The Middle KingdomDecision2008
Chinese FarmsSPI1975
Chosin: X Corps Escapes the Trap (S&T 257)Decision2009257
Civil War in the Far West: The New Mexico Campaign (S&T 252)Decision2008252
Civil War, TheVictory Games1983
Clash for a ContinentWorthington Games2005
Clash of Empires (Wargamer 58)3W198658
Clash of GiantsGMT2001
Clash of Giants IIGMT2006
Clash of MonarchsGMT2008
Clash of Steel (Wargamer 31)3W198431
Clontarf/Spain (S&T 162)Decision1993162
Close ActionClash of Arms1997
Cobra (S&T 65)SPI197765
Cobra: The Normandy Campaign (S&T 251)Decision2008251
Cold WarVictory Games1984
Cold War Battles (S&T 235)Decision2006235
Combat Command (S&T 30)SPI197230
Combat CommanderGMT2006
Combined Arms (S&T 46)SPI197346
Commands & Colors: AncientsGMT2006
Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #1: Greece & Eastern KingdomsGMT2006
Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #2: Rome and the BarbariansGMT2007
Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #3: The Roman Civil WarsGMT2007
Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #4: Imperial RomeGMT2009
Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion Pack #5: Epic Ancients IIGMT2009
Comrade Koba (Command & Strategy 4)UGG20054
Condottieri (Wargamer 54)3W198654
Conflict of HeroesAcademy Games2008
Conquerors, TheSPI1977
Conquest of ParadiseGMT2007
Conquistador (S&T 58)SPI197658
Corsairs & HellcatsGMT2003
Cortes (Command 20)XTR199320
Cowboys: The Way of the GunWorthington Games2007
Crazy Horse, Black Shield, White BullFirefight2007
Creature That Ate Sheboygan, TheSPI1979
Creatures That Ate New York, TheSPI1981
Crete 1941 (Vae Victis 22)Vae Victis199822
Crimean War (S&T 201)Decision2000201
Crimean War, The (S&T 193)Decision1998193
Crimean War, The QuadrigameSPI1978
Crisis 2000 (GameFix 2)Game Publications Group19942
Crisis 2020Victory Point Games2007
Crisis: Sinai 1973GMT1995
Critical HitCritical Hit20041-Jul
Cromwell (S&T 101)TSR1985101
Cropredy Bridge (S&T 148)Decision1992148
Crusader RexColumbia2005
Crusades (S&T 70)SPI197870
Cuban Missile CrisisMicrogame2002
Custer's Last StandTSR1976
Custer's Luck (Wargamer 45)3W198545
Czechoslovakia 1938 (Command 24)XTR199324

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