James Terry Game List: O
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Objective Tunis (S&T 140)Decision1991140
O'Connors Offensive (Wargamer 41)3W198541
October War (S&T 61)SPI197761
OgreSteve Jackson1977
Oil War (S&T 52)SPI197552
Okinawa (Wargammer 55)3W198655
Old Contemptibles, The (S&T 228)Decision2005228
Omaha BeachVictory Games1987
On to Moscow (S&T 171)Decision1994171
One Page BulgeSteve Jackson1980
Onward, Christian SoldiersGMT2006
Operation CartwheelLPS2008
Operation Elope (S&T 211)Decision2001211
Operation Felix (S&T 153)Decision1992153
Operation FischfangFirefight2007
Operation Kadesh (Command & Strategy 3)UGG20053
Operation MichaelMMP/The Gamers2001
Operation Olympic (S&T 45)SPI197445
Operation Sea Lion (Command 45)XTR199745
Operation Shock Troop (S&T 168)Decision1994168
Operation Shoestring (Guadalcanal)GMT1990
Operation StarSPI1979
Operation TyphoonSPI1978
Operation Walkcure (Command & Strategy 6)UGG20076
Operation: Apocalypse (Vae Victis 10)Vae Victis199610
Origins of World War IIAH1971
OTT: Lemberg/Verdun (S&T 198)Decision1999198
Ottomans, The (S&T 222)Decision2004222
Over the Top! (S&T 186)Decision1997186

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