James Terry Game List: Q,R
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Quatre BrasSPI1976
Quatre Bras, La Bataille desClash of Arms2004
Race for Tunis (Wargamer 57)3W198657
Race to the Meuse (Wargamer 26)3W198326
Race to the Vistula (Panzerschreck 14)Minden200514
RAF 2Decision2009
Ragnarok (Ares 8)SPI19818
Raid (S&T 64)SPI197764
Raid on Schweinfurt (Panzerschreck 15)Minden200615
Raiders and TradersChaosium1979
RDF (S&T 91)SPI/TSR198391
Rebel YellGPG1995
Rebels & Redcoats Vol IDecision1994
Rebels & Redcoats Vol IIDecision1995
Rebels & Redcoats Vol IIIDecision2003
Red Badge of CourageGMT2001
Red Baron (Wargamer 48)3W198548
Red Beach One (S&T 142)Decision1991142
Red ChristmasThunderhaven1992
Red Dragon RisingDecision2008250
Red Sky MorningXTR1991
Red Star RisingMMP2007
Red Star White StarSPI1973
Red Storm over the ReichCompass2007
Red Sun RisingSPI1977
Redline Korea (Game Fix 6)Game Publications Group19956
Reichshoffen 1870 (Vae Victis 73)Vae Victis200773
Reinforce the Right (S&T 180)Decision1996180
Remember the Alamo!Chatham Hill2001
Remember the Maine! (S&T 108)TSR1986108
Rescue from the HiveSPI1981
Return of the Stainless Steel RatSPI1981
Revolt in the East (S&T 56)SPI197656
Richthofen's WarAH1972
Rifle & SaberSPI1973
Rio Grande (S&T 143)Decision1991143
Rise of the House of Saud (Wargamer 46)3W198546
Rise of the LuftwaffeGMT1993
Rise of the Roman RepublicGMT2003
Risorgimento (S&T 187)Decision1997187
River of DeathGMT1999
Road to Richmond (S&T 60)SPI197760
Road to Vicksburg (S&T 103)TSR1985103
Roads to LeningradGMT2004
Rocroi 1643 (Vae Victis 11)Vae Victis199611
Roman Civil War (S&T 157)Decision1993157
Rough and Ready (S&T 212)Decision2002212
Royalists & Roundheads III3W1993
Rush for Glory (S&T 127)3W1989127
Russia BesiegedL22004
Russian Campaign, TheL22003
Russian Civil WarSPI1976
Russo-Turkish War (S&T 154)Decision1992154
Ruweisat (S&T 105)TSR1985105

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