James Terry Game List: H
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Habit of Victory, TheOSG2007
Halls of Montezuma, TheGMT2009
Hamburger Hill (Command 5)XTR19905
Hammer of the ScotsColumbia2002
HannibalValley Games2007
Hannibal (S&T 141)Decision1991141
Hannibal's War (S&T 254)Decision2008254
Harvest of Death (S&T 129)3W1989129
Hastings (S&T 110)TSR1986110
Hegemon (Against the Odds 1)LPS20021
Hell Hath no Fury (Wargamer 38)3W198538
Hellfire Pass (Wargamer 39)3W198539
Hell's HighwayVictory Games1983
Heroic Frenzy - Petrograd 1919Firefight2007
Highway to the ReichDecision2008
Highway to the ReichSPI1977
Hippodrome (Panzerschreck 15)Minden200615
Hof GapSPI1980
Holy Roman Empire (S&T 247)Decision2007247
Holy War: Afghanistan (S&T 147)Decision1991147
Hooker and LeeSPI1975
Hoorah!, Six Bridges: The Battle of PittsburgXTR1996
Horse Soldiers (S&T 119)3W1988119
Hougoumont (Command 11)XTR199111
House Divided, AGDW1981
Hurtgen ForestSPI1976

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