Three Days of Gettysburg AAR

Union: James Terry CSA: Bill Pettus

Day 1, 1300 After a morning of maneuver the battle is joined as Pender chews through Buford and starts to inflict damage to the I Corp. The Union command is worried they maybe too extended.
Day 1, 1500

Things are getting dicey for the Union North and East of Gettysburg itself. Rodes starts to break through the Union line north of town while Early threatens the Union right flank. Some Union artillery has already started to pull back to Cemetery Hill.

The CSA Artillery is finally doing damage from the Northern part of McPherson;s Ridge.

On the Union left Heth and Pender continue to slug it out with the 1/I and 3/1 Divisions.

Day 1, 1500 (near end)

Thanks to the timely appearance of the lost 2/XI division (which James missed on the reinforcement chart), the Union right flank is now secure. Even the "cream puff" 3/XI division has managed to slow Early.

The good news for the CSA come on the Union left where Pender and his artillery have made a mess of the Union line. In danger of being flanked the Union is trying desperately to form a line on Seminary Ridge. Fatigue and ammunition shortages in Pender's Division may be the only thing that allows a Union escape.

The battlefield is already littered with abandoned Union breastworks.

Day 1, End of 1600

More troops begin to gather as Longstreet and the Union XII Corp come upon the battle.

For the Union remnants of the I Corp are scattered on Seminary Ridge after being decimated by Pender and Heth. Fatigue now causes Pender to finally stop.

Rodes is working his way through the town of Gettysburg.

On the Union right, Early must decide whether or not to attack the dug in 2/XI protecting Cemetery Hill. Culps Hill looks open for the taking.

Day 1, End of 1700

The sun can't set fast enough for the Union. The Union center collapses and the Rebels stream though and around Gettysburg. Only Pender's exhaustion saves the Union from a complete rout.

On the right, Early takes Culps Hill and dislodges 2/XI from the breastworks protecting Cemetery Hill. Early is, however, bloodied by his efforts and may suffer even more during the next hour.

Leader casualties had been light, but now Corp leader Reynolds falls as do two division leaders and two brigadiers on the Union side.

The XII considers marching North of Gettysburg but the threat to the Union position is too dire for such a gamble.

Day 1, End of 1800

The final turn of daylight on Day 1.

The second chit draw is the random event and we have a late July thunderstorm! A one is rolled so it's a short one turn downpour but it couldn't happen at a better time for the Union. (The effects: halve all MA's , All activations over one earn Fatigue, -3 on all Fire Table Rolls, +2 to rally and no fatigue recovery).

The rain slows the action to almost a standstill, the CSA manages to clear the remnants of the I corp from south of Gettysburg and the CSA finally suffers a leader loss but that's about it.

Next turn is dusk, then the night turns begin.